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If you visit beautiful Artesia, California for the first time, be sure to use Fiesta Taxi as your transportation service. Our professional and independent drivers are able to get you to, from and around Artesia safely and quickly, and with no hassle. Our team of driving professionals is known for transporting individuals throughout the Los Angeles area, including to and from regional airports. Fiesta Taxi has years of experience and can provide you with fast and courteous transportation services in Artesia. If you need transportation services, simply give us a call or text via your cell phone, or go online to our website for more information. With timely and professional taxi services our courteous drivers will be happy to get you where you need to go.

Artesia: The Gateway City

Artesia is known as one of the “Gateway Cities” in LA County. Though originally incorporated in 1959, the area has been occupied and settled since the 1800’s. Among its many historical residents was Pat Nixon, First Lady of the USA who lived in Artesia from 1914 to 1931.

Artesia is located near the downtown LA area and offers easy access to the many amenities of one of the most popular cities in the country. When you visit Artesia you will be quickly swept away with the natural beauty of the area, as well as the fascinating culture of the city including a large Portuguese heritage. When you want to travel around Artesia, choose Fiesta Taxi to provide you with transportation services. When you take advantage of our quality transportation services you can relax and truly enjoy the many amenities and beauty of Artesia and nearby LA.

What To Do In Artesia

Though only a few minutes from LA, there are still many wonderful things to do just in Artesia including:

  • City Plaza - Treat yourself to an exotic array of Indian food, Filipino food, Vietnamese (pho), Japanese sushi, Thai, and much more.
  • EastWest Ice Palace / Michelle Kwan Ice Palace - The EastWest Ice Palace is in Artesia and offers a full-size ice surface, a fitness center, a dance and exercise room, locker rooms, snack bar, and pro shop. Co-owned by skating champion Michelle Kwan, this is an excellent spot for ice skating.
  • Pioneer Boulevard Fountains – Artesia has many beautiful fountains in the middle of our major thoroughfare, along Pioneer Blvd. The fountains are so beautiful they have won an architectural and engineering award for their ingenuity and aesthetic appeal. Be sure to visit them for a tranquil and relaxing experience.
  • The International - Also known as "Little India," the area between South Street and 183rd Street is called the International Cultural District because of its numerous Indian restaurants, clothing stores, grocery stores, and other South Indian delights. Other ethnicities also share their culture here, including Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

When you are visiting Artesia, Fiesta Taxi is happy to accommodate all of your transportation needs. If you have special transportation needs, like paratransit support or transportation for a large group, we are happy to accommodate! Simply give us a call or visit our website for more information.

Getting To and Around Artesia

Our premium airport services, can make your airport travel experience hassle free. We can drop you off at LAX (the Los Angeles International Airport), Long Beach airport or any other regional airport. Fiesta Taxi will get you there with plenty of time to spare, ensuring you are never late. The professional team at Fiesta Taxi will provide you with stress-free airport transportation services anytime you need it.

Our team of professional and independent drivers at Fiesta Taxi are happy and eager to provide you with the best transportation throughout the Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, including Artesia. Be sure to call Fiesta Taxi today for all your transportation needs!