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Paramount, located in the Greater Los Angeles area, is bordered to the easy and south by Bellflower, to the west by Lynwood and Compton, to the north by South Gate and Downey, and to the south by Long Beach.

When you find yourself visiting stunning Paramount, California it is very important that you are able to get from place to place quickly and efficiently. Fiesta Taxi can help you by providing you with independent, professional drivers who can get you to and from, or just around Paramount both safely and quickly without adding any hassle. Our professional team of drivers are well-known for transporting individuals both to and from regional airports and provide transportation throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. Fiesta Taxi’s drivers have years of experience that they utilize to provide you with fast, courteous transportation services in Paramount and its surrounding areas.

Paramount: Rich History

The great city of Paramount was originally identified by the Spanish settlers of New Spain in 1781. Today it is an incredibly active city with terrific access to Los Angeles and its surround areas.

Thanks to Paramount’s fantastic location close to downtown LA, visitors have plenty of easy access to the many amenities found in the city. Do not be too quick to leave Paramount, however, because this bustling city has plenty of terrific amenities of its own including diverse shopping and dining options, public art displays and plenty of natural beauty. When you decide to explore the diverse Paramount area, be sure to choose Fiesta Taxi as your provider of transportation services. With our range of high quality transportation services at your disposal you can rest easy and fully enjoy your time in the beautiful city of Paramount and nearby LA.

What to do in Paramount

If you are in need of taxi services, just give us a text or call using your cell phone, or you can go online to our easy to use website for more information. With the professional and timely taxi services that our courteous drivers offer, we will get you anywhere you need to go! Make sure to give Fiesta Taxi a call today for all of your transportation needs both in and around the city of Paramount!

There are quite a few local places that your Fiesta Taxi driver can bring you such as:

  • The Paramount Hay Tree – This mature 50 foot high camphor tree is an old, but still standing, tree and is a renowned California State Historical Landmark remembered for its great importance to hay trading marketplaces of the towns Clearwater and Hynes. These towns later incorporated as Paramount
  • Parks – The city of Paramount offers many parks that offer fun recreational amenities such as playgrounds, multi-purpose fields, ponds, walking paths, picnic spots and more
  • Iceland – Paramount is home of the famous Zamboni Company. The Zamboni family has been operating Iceland, an ice skating rink that has improvements patented by Frank Zamboni himself, since 1939

Fiesta Taxi is here to accommodate all your transportation needs both in and around the Paramount area. If you happen to have special transportation needs, such as needing transportation for large groups or paratransit support, we are more than happy to accommodate you and all of your transportation needs.

Getting around Paramount

Let the experienced drivers at Fiesta Taxi get you around Paramount with our fast and efficient taxi transportation services. The professional drivers at Fiesta Taxi make it easy to get both to and from Paramount. Our premium airport services, can make your airport travel experience hassle free. We can drop you off at LAX (the Los Angeles International Airport), Long Beach airport or any other regional airport. Fiesta Taxi will get you there with plenty of time to spare, ensuring you are never late. The professional team at Fiesta Taxi will provide you with stress-free airport transportation services anytime you need it.